Our action during the year

We find it important to mention that our organization definitely does not want to judge anybody, whether talking about a person’s past, present, or future. Our organization does not spread any political nor religious ideology. Our only goal is to help people in need, whoever they are and wherever they come from.

Every Tuesday throughout the year we distribute hot meals, sandwiches, and soup.

Every Tuesday morning, drivers take our van to collect food from our generous donors. The caterer “Choux de Bruxelles” provides us with 40 litres of soup and Danone, in Rotselaar, gives us a large quantity of dairy products every week.

In the evening we also receive bread, pastries and cakes from the “Den Atelier” bakery in Overijse. The van goes to the distribution point in the evening, where many poor people are waiting for us impatiently.

The tasks are divided among volunteers and depending on the season, some serve soup, others distribute hot meals or sandwiches, bread, coffee, cakes and pastries.

Volunteers take advantage of the opportunity to chat with the poor people, to get to know their situations. We also distribute blankets and sleeping bags if necessary.

« A smile, a word of thanks are such beautiful expressions of happiness that every minute or every hour of our time that we have given up for this, sink into oblivion »